Friday, September 12, 2008


hey I'm sorry I haven't blogged in such a long time but I have been in a completely horrific state, the pictures don't do justice any way I'm all better now and my ecsema is even gone. but up until now I've been taking medication and suffering from whats called "an extreme, infected, allergic reaction" that the official term... jk so anyway now that I'm in a state where I can blog again I am. so far Jared and Analisa have finished swimming lessons and Analisa is jumping off the high dive and low dive while Jared is doing front flips off them. I haven't been in the water in a while because I am allergic to chlorine too! =) out of 200 kids thaat tried out with only 3 women speaking roles I got the lead female role. Analisa is the best on her soccer team she scored a goal and is an amazing aggressive player especially since she's half the size as everyone on her team. Jared has soccer games too and he's really a great player! jared is one of the most-chased boys on the playground and is very proud of it! we're all doing completely fantastic... now!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


hey im so sorry I haven't written in a long time but heres what has been going on in my life:
I"m officially going to renaissance academy in lehi, I my mom broke her wrist speed skating, I went to the riverton fair with my friends, I was at arahs for a week, I went to blanding for a week, jared pulled a muscle in his wrist, analisa made a new best friend, I went to girls camp, I'm going to oakcrest, my mom was like declared some kind of genius in some kind of thing for knowing how to build some kind of thing???, and ...?? I haven't gone to sleep earlier than 2:00 for the past month!! idk if that counts?? I know I"m really good at updating my blogspot! sorry sorry sorry! but I have to go pack cuz I"m going camping tomorrow! :) I love you guys !!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the awakening

My mom is going to a seminar called the awakening I think it will be good for all of us and I went to the guest event just the other day. but something I thought was extremely funny is last night when my mom got home she told us all about how there were different personality types there was like: drama queen, know it all, etc. my mom was telling us all about herself and what personality type the instructor thought she was. After hearing my moms story my sister eagerly exclaims, "WHAT PERSONALITY TYPE AM I!!!???" my mom says "you are a drama queen dear" my sister instantaneously bursts into tears and starts screaming, "NOT A DRAMA QUEEN" repetitiously until my mom is able to explain to her that drama just means acting and that she is a queen! which is royalty! (we'll even stoop as low as lying to get that girl to keep her mouth shut!

my mom's cruise!

my mom finally got back from her cruise and she said it was great! she got to swim with the dolphins and everything, but, unfortunately, brad pitt couldn't come. his stupid wife had to go have a baby! dang woman! can't she control when her water breaks?? but she said she had lots and lots of fun. she brought wonderful gifts: a snowglobe for each of us. pure white purring (electronic) cats and sayings to hang in our rooms. we love having her home again!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


sorry, I haven't blogged for a while because I have been in Idaho have too much fun to worry about internet.!.! We'd go somewhere fun almost every morning. (I'll have pictures soon) on monday we went to the petting zoo and we had lunch in the park with aunt julees friend Laura. both my siblings as well as Ayden adored the animals and there was one point when we went "behind bars" in a fake jail cell and Ayden burst out into tears to see his mom again. he was fairly destrought about not being able to reach his mom. the next day we went to outer limits fun zone a jungle gym place with an arcade and pizza. both Jared and Analisa had a lot of fun but I'm not sure how Ayden took it. I can tell you this much,"he thoroughly enjoyed finding cupboards and things he shouldn't play with that he loved getting into" I'm pretty sure that was the highlight of his day and we went with laura and lisa (both Julee's friends from her ward) the next day it wasn't very nice out but we went to a barbecue at aunt julees neighbors and everyone was really nice. there was one point where zeb was pushing Aydenon the swings from the front and I was behind Ayden and Zeb walked away as Ayden burst into tears and wasn't willing to allow his father a life for the next few hours. We went to the Lava hot springs (too bad the outside pool was closed due to bad weather) but it was still way fun. then sunday arrived and we went to church then the next day then we went to the zoo and even thogh we had been seeing squirrels all week at Julee's house Jareds highlight of the zoo was seeing a squirrel run up a tree. but there were a lot of cool animals there was a peacock that was showing off his feathers and there were buffalo, eagles, deer, goats that you could pet, and a lot of other way cool animals ei; foxes, wolves, wild cats, then my mom came later that day!

Friday, May 30, 2008


Okay I am finally out of school! okay technically im not but I'm not going back for the last two days! :) we all had a great year and loved being at our schools but, enough about education let's get to the important stuff, I can't wait to get to Aunt Julee's and uncle Zeb's. and wI"m sure we'll have lots of fun there going to the zoo and like lava springs or something?!? MY mom is also going on a cruise fun huh! anyway figured I's better let you know we're all still alive
lots of love!
The Fenlaws

Monday, May 12, 2008

A dog, a teacher, and a cage

I know the title sounds fairly interesting enough, but I promise none is going to walk into a closet and find a magical dog and an Evil teacher but the title fits the story, so here I go. Today... I am very proud to say... I got to take part in saving a life! ( okay it was a dog.... and technically in the end things probably would have turned out fine but this was still exciting for me! just for your information my 2nd 5th and 6th period are all with the same teacher in the same class.) I go to my second period class today and I hear this poor dog (pure breed golden Lab) whimpering outside I duck my head out the door and surely enough it ewas a dog, who had gotten himself stuck (locked inside of a cage) only about 3 times as big as he is. It was school authority that locked it in there I'm sure, and school athourity also would not let it out. During second period its reading so all we're allowed to do is sit there and read. so at this point there is nothing I can do, I figure "Oh well someone will figure it out and help the dog" right? wrong! the bell rings and I leave. I get back into that class for my fifth period and that dog is still stuck inside there with noone aiding to its needs, (as far as I know that thing has been inside there whimpering and starving all morning) I suggest to the teacher that we sohould maybe go outside and check for tags and call the owner. apparently this would cut into to much class time and would disrupt things beyond compare ( I know its only one life I mean we could live without it right? now, if two dogs were stuck in there maybe, that might be a big deal, but no this is only one so no one cares.) now I thought this is absolutely ridiculous I decide to do something about it, my two friends and I go outside and check the dog for tags during our five minute break between fifth and sixth period. We see oh look theres a number on the dog tag (hmm... maybe the owner wants their dog back?) the sixth period bell rings and we all go inside the classroom. the teacher gives us the entire period to work on a project we are doing (in the back of the class there is a storage room about the size of a large walk-in closet) my two friends squish into that room, and call the number, while I get the pleasure of acting as a distraction! ;-> they call the people and give them the address to the school and my cell phone number as a call back number. They call back and inform us that they are on their way to pick up the dog now but they live in Sandy so it will take about 30 minutes. Okay we can live with that! 30 minutes no big deal! accept for the fact. Fifteen minutes from now Animal control shows up and assures us everything is going to be fine! they will take the dog to the Pound and put him to sleep for causing so much commotion at our "learning environment" I run out side and inform the animal "police" that I have called the owners and they are on their way and if they could please come back in an hour and if the dog is still here they can take him away then, after long discussion they agree to come back in forty five minutes and the teacher agrees I should get detention and a call home for going outside in the middle of class! all is fair in love and war (no its not but I'll play along) so I call home, while my moms at work and don't get an answer (obviously) I wait, and wait, then the bell rings and here's my lunch period, so I wait, and I wait throughout my entire lunch period! (fun huh?) anyway so the owner finally shows up , along with the principle, The man thanked me and informed the principle what a fine person I was for calling him (now if you remember phones are not allowed at school) he finds out I use My cell phone during class and I get it taken away (keep in mind for saving a dogs life! ) and I get lunch detention so I didn't have time to eat but...
I saved a life! lol :) I guess it was kind of worth it!